This was a quick project for the 2nd Thinky Puzzle jam.

I've always been interested in magic tricks. To me, they're just the same as puzzles. I wanted to make a magic trick simulator, with a layer of indirect learning to it. The gimmick here is a little under-developed, and I don't think the gimmick is really suitable for anything more than a quick game. Eh, you might like it, but I imagine most players will not respond well to how obtuse this game is. C'est la vie.

I wanted to include at least five tricks. I was sad to miss out a few more complex cards tricks, or a classic like cup and balls, or three card monte. I also wanted to include music, sound effects, better card graphics... that's game jams for you, I suppose.

Mouse and keyboard controls.

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GenreCard Game, Puzzle
TagsMagic, thinky


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Very interesting perspective on magic tricks! It's almost like a zachtronics game - you're given inputs and outputs, and you have to figure out the procedure. I couldn't solve either of the tricks, but I can see the potential in more tricks.

this game has given me a lot of inspiration/ideas over the past few days of a great card/magic(/roguelike) game. there's so much material I could build off of too due to a childhood involving too many cards, so thanks lol

...though I'm not sure if my idea will involve other props like cups and balls/coin routines haha

i'll admit: didn't figure out what that hint was about even after reading it, lol. the only thing I discovered was (rot13) jung frrzf yvxr n qbhoyr yvsg xrl, ohg vg whfg gevpxsnvyf vs V hfr vg ba gur qenj fgrc. v gubhtu gur qrpx fgnegvat snpr hc nf n xrl pneq jnf fhccbfrq gb or gur chmmyr, juvpu jnf pbby gb ernyvmr, ohg gura gur fuhssyr punatrf gur beqre naq gur obggbz pneq naljnl. naq vg qbrfa'g pbhag vs lbh ubyq "C" juvpu xvaqn ybbxf yvxr n fuhssyr ohg qbrfa'g jbex sbe gung

anyway, card shark's a game about magic tricks if you haven't heard of it, but it's more linear and there isn't as much particular mastery with how to handle cards (pretty much the most used is the overhand shuffle + injog/outjog). I only ended up interested by the (very few) times that the game shows off some sketchy circumstances and the tense feeling there, for example playing against an opponent cheater or getting caught. so to me I still think there's really still room to improve on the magic idea

I never played Card Shark (because the term is Card Sharp), maybe I'll check it out. I think there's probably room for a really good game in this domain, though it's very questionable that it would be anything like this one, lol.

(Spoilers) Gur qbhoyr yvsg jnf vzcyrzragrq sbe nabgure gevpx gung V ena bhg bs gvzr orsber V pbhyq vzcyrzrag. V nyfb jnagrq gb unir n gevpx jvgu (sbe rknzcyr) qbhoyr-snprq pneqf.

major hint if you are stuck (rot13) gur ghgbevny qbrfag gryy lbh nyy bs gur pbagebyf

elaboration on that hint if you still don't get it (rot13) gurer ner sbhe pbagebyf bzvggrq sebz gur ghgbevny, gur xrlf qcgm juvpu lbh ner zrnag gb qvfpbire juvyr cenpgvpvat. cg pbhyq unir orra vapyhqrq va gur ghgbevny, juvpu ner fzrne gur qrpx ba gur gnoyr naq cynpr gur gbc pneq erfcrpgviryl, gubhtu gur bgure gjb ner bzvggrq vagragvbanyyl.