Here is a little puzzle game about placing blocks. There's more to it, I suppose. Needs mouse and keyboard.

I started this in late 2021, but didn't finish it until early 2022 because it was quite tricky to design levels that had an interesting possibility space. Often it feels very random if a particular set of pieces will have few or many valid arrangements. I guess that's mathematics for you.

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Rules ended up being simpler than I expected. But I still have five puzzles left to finish. :/

I could have added more symbols and rules, but I didn't... 🤔

fun puzzle, a nice eureka moment when figuring out the meaning of the symbols :)

what are the rules, in a good puzzle, the puzzle shouldnt be finding out what to do, but how to do it

my thoughts on how i think you do it:
2 colors cannot touch
you must fill the white area (obviously)
the shaped tiles must have air under them

You need to indicate what should be completed first, then the next one. I found out the solution of the top yellow one by accident.

That's part of the puzzle...

I couldn't discover the rules, unfortunately. Because I'm very bad at Talos-like piece puzzles...

You did great!